What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a system through which television services are delivered using the Internet, instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite signal, and cable television formats. Unlike downloaded media, IPTV offers the ability to stream the media in smaller batches, directly from the source. As a result, a client media player can begin playing the data (such as a movie) before the entire file has been transmitted. This is known as streaming media.. IPTV is a the new way to deliver digital media content to end-users. Anyone can setup an IPTV server and then broadcast your media (or channel) to multiple users. IPTV uses Stalker.

What is Set-upBox and from where do I get it?

A box can be virtually any media box. Anything that runs newer KODI (15.2 and above) – that includes HTPC / PC / shield / nexus box / roku / fire stick/ etc. This also includes MAG254 box or AVOV TvOnline boxes or Android box. You can buy a service with your choice of IPTV box from our website.

What is Stalker?

Stalker is a middleware protocol that is used to deliver the content to you. To put it as an analogy, the website is like an IPTV channel – and just like website uses HTTP protocol, IPTV uses middlware protocol to transfer data/media to you.

What do I need get IPTV?

you will need a “box” to handle the stalker service. You will need to know what server URL is providing you the content. You can buy service in from “Shop

Which Set-top Box do I need to watch your IPTV service?

Currently our IPTV service only can be watched on MAG250, MAG254, MAG255, MAG260, MAG270, MAG275, AVOV, Kodi IPTV Stalker or a STB emulator for Android devices, M3U players and Smart TV.

How is the Quality of Channels?

Most of the ethnic channels are 380 / 480 range. If you have local Canadian channels (usually in HD) HD means 720p. Its extremely rare that you will run into 1080p “channel” on IPTV. All this is dependent on the server. E.g., you could have TBS as HD on one server but if you subscribe to another service they may have it on Low quality. I personally find that even low quality is generally very good.

What do I do if some channel go missing?

Sometime channel go missing and come back due maintenance. Also service provider has a rights to remove the channels without prior notice so if you missing a channel more than a week than it may have removed by Service provider. However you will have option to go with different service we offer that has channels you looking from coming month subscription.

What type of internet connection do I require?

Any high speed internet with unlimited bandwidth should work well, include DSL, ISDN, FIOS, CABLE, WI-FI, and Satellite broadband connections.